You Bring the Drinks & Maybe a Snack…We’ll Handle the Rest!

Wondering what to expect when you attend one of our events? Wonder no more!

You’ll walk away with something beautiful

There is absolutely no artistic experience required for our silk painting parties to be fun, relaxing and rewarding.  You see, we have the painting part lead by an experienced art instructor & having that instruction projected onto a “big screen” to assist even further.  So you complete the painting in a step-by-step fashion.  This ensures that even if you’ve never seen a paintbrush, you will create something unique and beautiful!

We’re a silk painting party event…heavy emphasis on party!

We pride ourselves on making sure everybody has an extraordinarily good time.  We feature games, prizes, giveaways and everything is always presented in an upbeat fashion (even the instruction!).  We also ensure that there is plenty of break time for sipping, snacking & socializing.

We provide everything but the food and drinks

That means we provide you with the wearable “blank silk canvas”, and by the time we are done you will have your very own work of art. Of course we also have art supplies, aprons, glasses, ice, music and an unbelievably fun party atmosphere! All guests are welcome to bring food and beverage of choice and even some snacks.  Some of our attendees get pretty elaborate with the “snack platters” they bring along for themselves and others!

The perfect way to spend an evening

We open the doors to our parties thirty minutes before the step-by-step art instruction begins.  This is so you can come in and get yourself settled in and get your drinks and snacks ready.  Generally our parties last two hours, but depending on the project it could push closer to three.  We hold our parties at upscale conference rooms at hotels like the Marriot and will be adding some outdoor venues this summer.

Have a look at this short video

This short video shows some attendee created scarves as well as various shots of past party events.

sip n silk party slideshow

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